Our commitment to the training and support of future creators in animation

The promoter of Studio SOLF created in 2016 the association TOUS'ANIME to promote the professions of animation cinema and video games in Cameroon. Targeting particularly the youngest talents of the country, the association has set up several cultural action projects that have brought dynamism in the field of animation in Cameroon. Since 2016, we have been working together with the association to put in place a framework conducive to the discovery of new talents that will make a career in the creative industry at the local and continental level.

The EMANFILM project, launched and implemented in Cameroon since 2016 by the Tous’Anime association, has resulted in the creation of the Animation du Monde’s special Cameroon programme, thanks to the support and partnership of the Institut français du Cameroun, Institut de formation et de conservation du patrimoine audiovisuel (IFCPA) of Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV), Ministry of Arts and Culture of Cameroon, and Annecy festival CITIA.

In 2016, a call for animated film projects was launched to initially make preparations and, in 2017, an appraisal mission was subsequently carried out by CITIA (Véronique Encrenaz, Head of Projects, Mifa). This convinced a delegation from Cameroon to visit Annecy for the 2017 International Animation Film Festival. Following a special call for projects made for Cameroon in July 2017, five young project leaders were selected to take part in the Animation du Monde workshop.

This three-day workshop, led by Géraldine Baché (Head of Education & Projects Mifa, CITIA), Clémentine Robach (director) and Ivan Zuber (producer, Laïdak Films), helped to improve the narration and story editing of projects. All of the candidates, most of whom were self-taught, learned a lot from this workshop.

A final pitch session resulted in Le Garçon des nuages by Alain Ngombe Babillon being chosen to represent Cameroon in the 2018 Animation du Monde Mifa Pitches. The Tous’Anime association, which acts as the main stakeholder for developing and promoting animation in Cameroon, is delighted about this fantastic collaboration between the Institut français du Cameroun and CITIA. So far, it has brought about the realisation of the EMANFILM and CANIMAF festival projects. The next objective is to ensure the longevity of this impetus in order to encourage and support the development of the animation sector in Cameroon.

In 2017, the association launched the Yaoundé African Animation Film Festival CANIMAF which contributes enormously to the promotion of local and continental productions while bringing together all the actors of the production and distribution chain to discuss the issues they face. The festival is at its 3rd edition with partners such as the French Institute of Cameroon, TV5 Monde, ASIFA and many others